What's Inside?

Check out a couple of our past Finer Things Boxes!

Past Box: End Japan

Welcome to the Edo Period of Japan! Explore: Miso Tasty Miso Soup Duo Taster Pack - Harney and Sons Sencha Green Tea Sachets - Wozz! Kitchen Creations Japanese Sesame Miso Dressing - Fine Wood Japanese Style Tetsuboku Chopsticks - Senpai Japanese Headband - Hand-bound Japanese style watercolor notebook - Japanese Pagoda Print - "The Great Wave" rice paper wallet - Traditional Origami Paper Crane


Past Box: Gilded Age

Travel back to the Gilded Age! Enjoy in style: -Edmond Fallot Blackcurrant Dijon Mustard - Clement Faugier Chestnut Spread -Brioche Pasquier French Mini Toasts - Maison d'Armorine Butter Caramels - Bedford Soap Company Old-fashioned Lye Soap -Vintage style mirror with World Map design -Silver Toned Spreader Knife - Genuine 1800/1900s Indian Head Penny


Need more reasons to sign up?

Finer Things Box was created for those who love to travel, history and learning. One day while listening to another history podcast, the idea was hatched: time travel in a subscription box! What better way to create a regular travel experience and learn about other cultures than by having it delivered to your door! We hope you enjoy our subscription boxes as much as we do - and we'd be thrilled for you to join us on our journey through time! Beyond preserving history for the generations to come, we want you to enjoy the finer things box experience to expand your horizons and perspective. In the same way that travel broadens the mind, learning about history and the lives of people that have come and gone before us deepens our understanding and gives greater perspective on our own lives and current affairs of today.