Time travel made possible!

Monthly box  from unique historical eras around the world. History preservation is our passion, from supporting local museums, historic sites and archival societies, all of which are crucial to documenting our history. Join us in learning from and celebrating the past.

Get cultured!

Artisan home decor, personal accessories and cultural gifts to bring the world into your home . Plus, get pampered in historical style with bath and body items unique to the theme


Try the gourmet tastes of different cultures and get a detailed description booklet of each month's destination theme.


This box  is legit. If you love history, or just the finer things (yes, pun intended) you'll love this box. There is just so much to learn about our world, not only today, but from everyone who has lived on it.

Joy Finnerman


I'm a middle school teacher and I share the box with my kids. They love it. I love it. Wish I could get all my students a subscription, would totally be worth it.

Linda Lovell


Me and my girlfriends started getting together to open the box each month it comes. Now they all subscribe  and get their own boxes. We still get together to open them - even my husband joins sometimes.

Rachel Sue

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Beyond preserving history for the generations to come, we want you to enjoy the finer things box experience to expand your horizons and perspective. In the same way that travel broadens the mind, learning about history and the lives of people that have come and gone before us deepens our understanding and gives greater perspective on our own lives and current affairs of today.

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How often will I get this box?

You'll get a box every month. Your subscription will be re-billed on the 15th of every  month. Your box will ship between on the 5th  of the following month.

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At this time we only ship within the United States, and shipping is free! Absolutely you can order a gift subscription! The checkout page has an option for gift purchases.

What's in the box?

Finer Things Box transports you to another time and another place. Each box will allow you to experience life in a different age based on a historical and cultural theme. Your trip to the past will include 5-7 items such as gourmet foods, cultural gifts, home decor, bath and body items, and antique wares. Every box comes with an informational card about the destination and the products inside. We strive to support small businesses and artisans while curating our products.  Or, you can op for our lite box, which includes 3-4 items.

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